Life isn't always predictable.

But with Simplicity,
You'll always be in control.

Simplicity Rental Car & Hotel Reimbursement

Whenever your car’s in the shop for a covered repair, Simplicity Protection® also has your related expenses covered, too — with a set reimbursement rate for car rentals and hotel stays.

Rental Car Reimbursement Rates

  • New Vehicle Premium Protection — $30 per day, maximum $150 per occurrence
  • Used Vehicle Select Protection — $30 per day, maximum $150 per occurrence
  • Used Essential Protection — $30 per day, maximum of $150 per occurrence

Hotel Reimbursement Rates

If you’re left stranded more than 100 miles from your home due to a covered breakdown, Simplicity Protection will pay for your overnight stays and meals at a rate of $75 per day, for a maximum of three days.