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Give Your Lease Some Wiggle Room

Every move is a new adventure! Embrace the possibilities with Simplicity Lease Protection®. No matter where the job market may lead you in the coming months, you’ll be living a worry-free lifestyle that lets you roll with the changes. Simplicity gives you the sensible security you need, with the financial support that helps protect your credit rating while you focus on the future.

How It Works

If you lose your job or are transferred more than 50 miles away from your current office, Simplicity Lease Protection will pay your rent for up to three months. There’s no need to worry about falling behind on rent payments, and no need to break your lease. Benefits are paid directly to the apartment complex.

Who’s Eligible?

In order to qualify for Simplicity Lease Protection benefits, you must:

  • Have no prior knowledge of relocation or job loss when you sign your lease.
  • Be employed on a permanent basis (32 hours or more per week) for at least 90 days before submitting a claim.
  • Not be at fault if your claim is related to job loss.
  • Remain unemployed for a minimum of 60 days after becoming unemployed.
  • Be designated as the primary wage earner.
  • Be current on rent payments due.
  • Provide proof of unemployment or relocation.
  • Lease from a Simplicity Lease Protection partner who provides every community tenant a Simplicity Lease Protection policy.

Simplicity Lease Protection benefits are available only once during any 12-month lease term. Benefits are paid for a minimum of three months; after three months, proof ongoing unemployment is required for additional payments. Should a covered event occur near the end of your lease term, only the remaining rental expense will be paid.