Life isn't always predictable.

But with Simplicity,
You'll always be in control.

Simplicity Premium Coverage

Do you need a new vehicle service contract? Is your vehicle less than six model years old? Did it have less than 60,000 miles at the time of purchase? If so, our Premium Coverage could be your best choice. It covers repairs on almost all component systems.

Simplicity Pre-paid Maintenance

Simplicity Pre-paid Maintenance can be added to the Premium, Select or Essential Protection plans.

BRAKE PAD COVERAGE: Covers the replacement of one set of brake pads, up to $115.

BATTERY COVERAGE: Covers the replacement of one battery, up to $120.

OIL CHANGE SERVICE: Covers two engine oil and oil filter services, up to $40 per service.

ENGINE DIAGNOSTICS COVERAGE: Covers one hand-held computer engine diagnostics check, up to $60.

FLUID COVERAGE: Covers one service of cooling system drain/refill, pressure check, inspection of hoses, belts and clamps, up to $60.