Life isn't always predictable.

But with Simplicity,
You'll always be in control.

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Jobs come and go. But your mortgage is always covered.

When you lose a job involuntarily you have enough to worry about without wondering how you'll pay your mortgage. Such a sudden distruptive loss can make your life chaotic and complicated. Simplicity Payment Protection ensures that you can still have a sense of personal security, despite the insecurity of job loss.

How It Works

If you involuntarily lose your job, Simplicity Payment Protection will pay up to six months of your mortgage payment. It's that simple!

Who's Eligible?

In order to qualify for Simplicity Payment Protection benefits, you must:

  • Have no prior knowledge of relocation or job loss.
  • Be employed on a permanent basis (32 hours or more per week) for at least 90 days before submitting a claim.
  • Not be at fault if your claim is related to job loss.
  • Remain unemployed for a minimum of 60 days after becoming unemployed.
  • Be designated as the primary wage earner.
  • Be current on morgage payments.
  • Provide proof of unemployment or relocation.

Simplicity Payment Protection benefits are available only once during any 12-month period and will pay up to 6 months of your mortgage payment. Benifits are paid for a minimum of 24 months proof of ongoing unemployement is required for additional payments.